About me

Ranjeet Khare 'Bebs'

Hi, thanks for stopping by..
I'm a Brit Asian foodie and mum of two that has been cooking curry for over 25 years. My roots are from the north Indian region of Punjab; an agriculturally rich and vibrant part of India. My cooking foundation comes from there but has not  limited itself to any constraints. Married into a family from Lucknow Uttar Pradesh I love to mix my  knowledge of Indian cooking with any excuse for extensive travels around Asia on recipe hunts!
Having held lavish dinner parties and intimate gatherings with upto ten dishes at a time; I stumbled into teaching purely out of peer pressure from friends and family that enjoy my food. So now I share my knowledge and fun loving carefree style in the kitchen.   
If you come along to one of my lesson's, my aim is to educate you on the different spice flavours and combinations (yes it's not always about the chilli!) and to leave you with the confidence to recreate the dishes using fresh ingredients  quickly at home - let's face it we're all too busy!
Thanks for reading..